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    QBSN Presents: Bobcat Breakdown 4/4/17

    On this episode of Bobcat Breakdown, host Michael Dalton and analysts Chris Dacey and Kyle Levasseur take you out to the ballgame as the trio discusses the men’s baseball team as...

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    QBSN Presents: Bobcat Breakdown 3/7/17

    Matt McAuliffe hosts this edition of Bobcat Breakdown with a plethora of analysts. First, Josh Silverman and Dylan Fearon come on to discuss both men’s and women’s basketball. Later, Brosh and...

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    QBSN Presents: Bobcat Breakdown 1/31/17

    Kyle Levasseur and M.J. Baird join Chris Dacey to discuss both hockey and basketball. Additionally, Shane Dennehy sits down for a chat with Mikey Dixon and Andrew Badillo talks to Zig...

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    QBSN Presents: Bobcat Breakdown 11/15/16

    Host Kyle Levasseur is joined by Andrew Badillo and Morey Hershgordon as the group discusses the men’s soccer team’s performance in the conference championship and rugby’s impending postseason play.  

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    QBSN Presents: Bobcat Breakdown 10/10/16

    John Franklin hosts this special editon of Bobcat Breakdown as Kyle Levasseur and Kirby Paulson go head to head in a debate-style set up! The two discuss the impact of the...

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    Men’s soccer falls to Holy Cross

    The beautiful day in Hamden, Connecticut did not bring the Quinnipiac University men’s soccer team the results they were looking for. The Bobcats dropped Wednesday’s game 3-1 against the Holy Cross...