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    The biggest fans

    A group of students, equipped with a variety of instruments, play a familiar tune just as men’s ice hockey coach Rand Pecknold calls a timeout. The music builds...

  • Photo: Rebecca Castagna

    It takes Lou

    Quinnipiac baseball has always been a part of catcher Lou Iannotti’s life. His father, also named Lou, is a member of the Quinnipiac Hall of Fame for his...

  • Photo: Rebecca Castagna

    The best that almost never was

    A championship trophy rests on the edge of a foldaway table. It is no ordinary trophy—far different than a participation award picked up in recreational soccer, or an Amateur...

  • Photo: Rebecca Castagna

    A lasting impact

    It takes a play to change a game, but a player to change a program. The 2014-15 winter sports season has included streaks, records, and NCAA appearances. Over...

  • Photo: Rebecca Castagna

    His final mark: McDonald reflects on the legacy he’s leaving at Quinnipiac

    Jack McDonald, 63, is retiring after 20 years as Quinnipiac University’s athletic director. He has elevated Quinnipiac to the Division I level, and was a major part of...

  • Photo: Rebecca Castagna

    Jack McDonald takes athletic director position at University of New England

    Quinnipiac’s retiring athletic director, Jack McDonald, has signed on as associate vice president and director of athletics for the University of New England. He announced his retirement in October, and is set to finish...

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