QBSN Presents: Bobcat Breakdown (3/4/14)

Updated: March 8, 2014

Here is a special hour-long episode of “Bobcat Breakdown.” Our panelists discuss all you need to know about both basketball and ice hockey teams. Connor Fortier hosts the hockey panel alongside panelists Marty Joseph, Nick Dench and Mark Spillane to talk about the women’s hockey team advancing to the semifinals after defeating St. Lawrence. They also discuss the possible match-ups for the men’s hockey team and what they need to do to win the conference.

Jordan Siegler takes the reins and leads the basketball portion of the program with Dylan Fearon, Jordan Katz and Morey Hershgordon. The group talks about the status of both teams and talks about what each team has to do to be at the top of the MAAC. A professor at Quinnipiac, Rich Hanley also stops by on the program. Many of the panelists then answer questions about the rest of the hockey teams in the ECAC to see who can really compete or fall quickly in the upcoming playoffs. Your preview for each of the teams in the playoffs is right here on “Bobcat Breakdown.”

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