Bobcat Breakdown

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    QBSN Presents: Bobcat Breakdown 12/6/16

    Andrew Badillo and Connor Fortier take to the desk to reveal Bobcat Breakdown’s top ten athletes from the fall season.

  • Bobcat Breakdown on the Road: Men’s basketball

    Bryan Schwartz and Dylan Fearon present a special abbreviated edition of Bobcat Breakdown from the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference tournament in Albany, New York.

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    QBSN Presents: Bobcat Breakdown 11/15/16

    Host Kyle Levasseur is joined by Andrew Badillo and Morey Hershgordon as the group discusses the men’s soccer team’s performance in the conference championship and rugby’s impending postseason play.  

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    QBSN Presents: Bobcat Breakdown 11/8/16

    MJ Baird hosts this edition of Bobcat Breakdown and is joined at the desk by Shane Dennehy and John Franklin to share postseason thoughts regarding the women’s soccer team. The group...

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    QBSN Presents: Bobcat Breakdown 11/1/16

    Bryan Schwartz hosts this episode of Bobcat Breakdown and is joined by analysts Morey Hershgordon and Sierra Goodwill. The two discuss the performance of the women’s soccer team in the MAAC...

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    QBSN Presents: Bobcat Breakdown 10/25/16

    On this edition of Bobcat Breakdown: three freshmen take over the desk as Chris Dacey and Drew Feinberg join Phil Akre to talk some Quinnipiac ice hockey as well as field...

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    QBSN Presents: Bobcat Breakdown 10/18/16

    Josh Silverman hosts this special hour long edition of Bobcat Breakdown as he is joined on the show by thirteen different analysts to break down the latest in the world of...

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    QBSN Presents: Bobcat Breakdown 10/10/16

    John Franklin hosts this special editon of Bobcat Breakdown as Kyle Levasseur and Kirby Paulson go head to head in a debate-style set up! The two discuss the impact of the...

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    QBSN Presents: Bobcat Breakdown 10/4/16

    Emma Carman hosts this edition of Bobcat Breakdown as MJ Baird and Andrew Badillo join her at the desk to discuss some field hockey action and rugby’s undefeated season thus far....

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    QBSN Presents: Bobcat Breakdown 9/20/16

    MJ Baird hosts this week’s edition of Bobcat Breakdown. Analysts Morey Hershgordon and Dylan Fearon join him at the desk and discuss the recent play of the field hockey and women’s...

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