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    Full of heart

    Soren Jonzzon is more than just captain of Quinnipiac’s hockey team—he’s a well-rounded guy with big talent and big dreams Soren Jonzzon lounges on his living room couch at the end...

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    QBSN: The Magazine, Issue 10

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    Paying for equality

    A legal expert shares her insight on the extent of Quinnipiac’s Title IX lawsuit, what the university could have avoided and what’s next There are less than seven months left. Seven months...

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    Great expectations

    Cross-country runner Kyle Liang shares his story of doubt, depression and determination as a student-athlete “Have you considered not running?” I’d be lying if I told her I hadn’t. It was...

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    Ahead of the game

    For most 16-year-olds, life consists of driving exams, sweet sixteens, and prepping for SATs. But at that age, Canada native Nadya Gill has already graduated high school, taken the soccer field...

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    QBSN: The Magazine | Personality Quiz

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    The next level

    Being an athlete takes motivation. And Rashawn Dally, a freshman on the men’s soccer team, has it in droves. “Self-motivated describes Rashawn well,” head coach Eric Da Costa said. “He’s quietly...

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    Spotlight: Caitlin Stapleton

    After four years as a standout right side player for the Fairfield University Stags, Caitlin Stapleton has joined Quinnipiac University as assistant volleyball coach–something she never thought was possible for a...

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    QBSN: The Magazine, Issue 9

    Check out the latest issue of QBSN: The Magazine below.

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    Catalyst for change

    Quinnipiac women’s rugby coach Becky Carlson has spent her life breaking down boundaries and empowering women through sports The year was 1996. Bill Clinton was president, the Olympics headed to Atlanta,...

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