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  • Photo: Rebecca Castagna

    Brothers among brothers

    The Quinnipiac men’s ice hockey team is no stranger to siblings. This year, there are three sets of brothers on the roster. They all remember a similar setting: playing pick-up hockey...

  • Courtesy: Quinnipiac Athletics

    A fresh start for field hockey

    Exhausting. After four years of building up a team in all aspects, including strength, skill, endurance, determination and talent, the field hockey team finally reached its goal. Now, the challenge begins...

  • Photo: Matt Eisenberg

    Started from the bottom

    Head coach Becky Carlson’s office walls are covered with rugby team photos, Quinnipiac University emblems and a Justin Bieber poster. “We always try to get Justin to tweet at us before...

  • Photo: Rebecca Castagna

    Scarred, but still standing

     familiar scene plays out just outside of the athletic center at Quinnipiac University. The men’s cross-country team, fresh off a five-minute warm-up run, stretches across the grass. In the middle of...

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    QBSN: The Magazine, Issue 5

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  • Photo: Rebecca Castagna

    Rothenbucher goes from Bayern to Bobcat

    Leaving your home is always tough, and for freshman Max Rothenbucher, he didn’t just leave his home. He left his country. Knowing there would be a little bit of home at...

  • Photo: Matt Eisenberg

    The second screen: MAAC moves into a new era of broadcasting

    Sept. 10 was a landmark morning for the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference, a mid-major division ready to embark on a journey to the second and third screen. That morning, the conference...

  • Photo by Rebecca Castagna

    From tennis to TV: Micah Bailey’s story

    Senior Micah Bailey left the familiar world of tennis to focus on his future career as a journalist. College athletes are often defined only by their achievements in their sport, but senior...

  • Photo by Rebecca Castagna

    One of the guys

    The sun soaks the Quinnipiac turf as the men’s lacrosse team walks onto the field for yet another home game. Leading the Bobcats onto the field isn’t their captains or coach;...

  • Photo courtesy of QU Athletics

    A Baseball Man

    an Gooley sits in the cool shade of the visiting team dugout. Ball cap secure on his head, he leans back on the bench and loosely grips a bat between his...

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