Q&A with The Daily Campus’ Chris Hanna


Juliana Nikac and Josh Silverman

By: Josh Silverman

Before the Quinnipiac women’s basketball team tips off against the UConn Huskies on Monday, it’s important to get perspective from someone who has watched UConn all year. Enter Chris Hanna, the Associate Sports Editor for The Daily Campus. Below is my conversation with him covering different aspects of tonight’s matchup.

Silverman: Are there any weaknesses or anything that seems to give this UConn team any trouble?

Hanna: When it comes to UConn, it’s difficult to call any particular aspect of the team’s game a weakness. That said, the Huskies have “struggled” most this season when teams get extremely physical with them. Forcing UConn into a slug fest is the best chance at success.

Silverman: What is UConn’s best attribute on the court?

Hanna: UConn’s best attribute on the court is probably its ability to score points in bunches with its half court trap. When its in a groove, the Huskies can go on 30 something-2 runs just by forcing turnover after turnover in the half court corner.

Silverman: If you were UConn’s head coach, Geno Auriemma, what matchup would you try and exploit?

Hanna: Quinnipiac is a talented team with a lot of energy, but a matchup UConn can exploit is its length at nearly every position. The Huskies have too many scorers that will be able to shoot over the Bobcats’ defense and stifle QU’s offense.

Silverman: You’ve watched this team all year, how come teams can’t come close to beating UConn?

Hanna: Teams can’t come close to beating UConn for a lot of reasons, but one stands out: they have six players who are legitimate All-American contenders and most great teams have just one or two. It’s too hard to compete with that level of talent. Plus, this team is extremely motivated after last year’s upset in the Final Four.

Silverman: Do you think UConn is looking forward to this matchup?

Hanna: UConn is definitely looking forward to this matchup. It’s a little in-state rivalry and Geno is outspoken in his appreciation for how far the Bobcats have come. Don’t expect to see Geno wearing his Quinnipiac T-shirt, but the Huskies are definitely excited. It should be an electric atmosphere on Gampel on Monday.

Silverman: Do you have a score prediction?

Hanna: 98-53 UConn


UConn is coming off a first-round victory which saw it score 140 points, while Quinnipiac beat Miami by 14 just hours later. Though UConn is the big dog in this one, Quinnipiac hasn’t shown signs of being intimidated.

The highly anticipated matchup between the two Connecticut schools will take place Monday at 630 p.m.