Bobcat Breakdown: 2/11/20


This week on Bobcat Breakdown, Liz Flynn hosts as Jon Surratt makes his breakdown debut on the desk while joined by Steven Pappas.

Men’s Ice Hockey beat Yale in overtime but tied Brown as well. Although it might not seem that significant now, Pappas and Surratt take a look at the implications it could have down the road in terms of the Pairwise rankings. Connor Ullathorne joins the show to break down the impressive stretch the Women’s Ice Hockey team has been on as well.

Rich Kelly is a staple for the Men’s Basketball team but the guys debate whether or not the team is still a ligament threat if Kelly isn’t on that night. Although the Women’s Basketball team isn’t at the standard of years past, Surrat and Pappas debate whether or not the pieces are there to be considered built for the playoffs.

All that and so much more, only on Bobcat Breakdown.