Bobcats Speak: Aaron Robinson on racial injustice, sports, and what to do next


QBSN is proud to present the second installment in its “Bobcats Speak” series, which focuses on how current and former Quinnipiac University student-athletes are using their voices to fight for equality.

This week, Aaron Robinson took to the mic to discuss his experiences with racial injustice, and what people can do to end racism.

“Right now is not the time for athletics,” Robinson said. “Right now is not the time to talk about wins and losses. Right now is not the time to talk about recruiting. Right now, the biggest issue is human rights.

“There are so many things you can do, but I think for the most part, you have to join the fight … It’s not enough nowadays to say, ‘I don’t know what to do.'”

You can hear all of Robinson’s thoughts below:

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Aaron Robinson is a former Quinnipiac Men’s Basketball player and student journalist who graduated in 2019. You can see more of Aaron and his brother Andrew’s work on their website, well as on Twitter and Instagram @AllFactsMedia.