Bobcat Breakdown: 09/12/22


This week on Bobcat Breakdown, Jacqueline Ydrovo makes her Bobcat Breakdown debut as host. Alongside her is Joey O’Donoghue and women’s soccer beat reporter Santino Maione who duke it out on the desk about the latest soccer updates.

Jacqueline, Joey and Santino headed to the soccer practice fields where they gave their prediction on the men’s soccer team and their upcoming game vs Sacred Heart. They talked about the leaders on the team, who they are and what they need to do to have a winning season.

Joey and Santino talk about the recent luck with the field hockey team, and how they are able to have a good start to their season. Volleyball is in a September slump as they lost 0-3 in the Comfort Inn-Vitational in Kentucky. What is the reason for this slump? Santino and Joey breakdown all things volleyball.

Jacqueline breaks down the QBSN Game of the Week and of course there were Final Roars. This was an intense and passionate debate you don’t want to miss!