What a Day for the D-Line

Emily Sweeney

First Period, scoreless. 

Second Period:

8:21, a goal for the Bobcats.

11:10, goal number two for the Bobcats.

12:29 and in comes the Bobcat’s third goal of the game and period.

Period Three, two and half seconds left, and the Bobcats bring in goal number four and secure the victory over Clarkson.  

Now, that’s a quick recap of the game, however, it doesn’t tell you the story of what was accomplished within those goals. Yes, the Bobcats scored three goals in under five minutes which is a huge feat but it’s who scored these goals that matter most. 

Kendall Cooper started off the scoring with her first goal of the season. Kate Reilly then scored on a power play opportunity and Zoe Boyd rounded out the three goals in under five minutes with her first of the season as well. 

Now, what do these three players have in common that makes these goals extra special?

They’re all on the defensive line for the Bobcats.

Before tonight, the only member of the d-line that had put the puck into the back of the net was Reilly and she was thrilled to see her fellow d-linemen step up and get goals against Clarkson.

“Oh, we were very happy on the bench,” said Reilly. “That was a lot of fun, and it was all on the screen.”

Not only did Reilly and the other members of the defensive line notice their increased productivity this season, but so did head coach Cass Turner. 

“They have been really active offensively,” said Turner. “It was just a matter of time.”

Turner also discussed what gave the defenders the opportunities to score and how she believes they are feeling after this win.  

“The nature of the rebounds and where they popped today was just perfect for our D [efense],” said Turner. “It was nice to see a power-play goal from a defenseman and nice to see a face-off play goal today too.”

Turner went on to say, “I think our D [efense] really want to be involved, so they are definitely excited to get their names on the scoresheet today.”

While those three goals by those three defensemen were the story of tonight’s game, goaltender Logan Angers also showed her talent and posted another shutout and made 15 saves in order to do so.

With this win in their pockets and an overall record of 11-1, the Bobcats will take the ice for their next game, tomorrow at three o’clock, against St. Lawrence.