Bobcat Breakdown: 01/31/23


In the 14th episode of Bobcat Breakdown Clever Streich hosts the first episode of 2023, alongside Santino Maione and Matt Mugno.

To start the show-off, the guys talk about their most memorable Quinnipiac game over winter break, this ranges from Frozen Fenway to the soccer transfer portal. Santino and Matt then hit the ice to talk all things CT Ice Tournament and if teams are short-changing themselves by rotating venues.

After the break, the guys talk all things men’s and women’s basketball. Matt and Santino talk about the return of Mackenzie DeWees and her impact on the team. The boys switch benches to talk all things men’s basketball and their two win streaks this season each spanning six and seven games.

To end the show-off, we have the QBSN Player of the Week and Final Roars.

Bobcat Breakdown: Best of Winter Break, The Return of Dewees, and Men’s Basketball Loss to Iona