Acro and Tumbling Comes Back From Hiatus Strong

James Blennau

The Quinnipiac Acrobatics and Tumbling team took a very convincing win against Kutztown this afternoon with a final score of 265.39 to 234.33. 

Without losing their lead throughout the entirety of the meet, the Bobcats delivered a well-balanced win in their home opener and first meet of the season. In addition to not losing a single event, the Bobcats also took every single heat of each event in a true sweep.

The team won the compulsory, acro, pyramid, toss, tumble and team events each at least by three points on the way to their confidence-building win. 

Young talent took center stage on the floor of M&T Bank Arena for the first time in two years and had a crowd in attendance which helped shake off some of the jitters. 

“The excitement just like builds up in you,” said junior base Farrah Chernov. “The energy with the people in the audience like your friends and family, everyone’s here to support you and it makes you feel really good about yourself.”

The jitters did not seem to play a part in the meet, and the coaches knew exactly what to take away from this first meet.

“I don’t know ever what to expect our first time out, because you can’t run that many practices and have them always be spot-on…it’s about seeing how they temper it…and who are my players that can stay in the moment,” said coach Mary Ann Powers.

The team showed massive support for each other as they took the mats and you could hear a roar from the team each time an event began. 

“It really just feels like a family…I know I have a whole team and alumni behind me and I don’t feel nervous, I feel like they have my back,” first-year top/tumbler Katherine Carter said.

As we heard the roars from the crowd tonight, some faces stuck ought amongst the masses returning a favor to the acro team. 

Players from the volleyball, softball, baseball and men’s soccer teams among others came out to show their support of the team that shows up and shows out to so many athletic events in the fall, winter and spring. The ever-present team was delivered a massive “thank you” from teams around them.

Coach Powers also hoped to inspire more than just her team, but the future of the sport every time they look to the crowd.

“A lot of the young ladies here to watch this sport, this is what they want to do someday, so I always tell my team kids, you know, ‘listen there’s a little girl watching you, she’s looking up to you, just give it your all with a smile on your face even if you make a mistake.”

Quinnipiac now looks forward to their next meet at home against Augustana, in which they look to build on their win and momentum from previous successes.