Bobcat Breakdown: 02/21/23


In the 17th episode of Bobcat Breakdown, Brandon Murdok hosts, alongside two producers of this show, Connor Coar and Michael Singer.

To start the show-off, the boys talk about women’s basketball coach Trish Fabbri and her milestone she just completed of 500 wins. Connor and Michael not only talk about her impact on the women’s basketball team but on Quinnipiac athletics as a whole. Then, the boys debate if Dezi Jones is the most impactful player on the men’s basketball roster, as he hit his career high of 28 points.

After the break, the boys hit the ice to discuss all things men’s and women’s ice hockey.  Connor and Michael talk about The Battle of Whitney Ave and if the hype around the game is worth it. After, the boys honor the seniors and graduate students for the men’s team and decide what senior has created a name for themselves over the four years.

To end the show off the QBSN Call of the Week is mentioned, and the three give their final roars.