Bobcat Breakdown: 04/04/23


In the 21st episode of Bobcat Breakdown, Griffin Kass hosts, alongside Keith Savage and David Maher.

At the top of the show, Savage and Maher debate on who they would take from the team’s last frozen four appearance in 2016 and put them on this 2023 squad. Then, the QBSN broadcasters for the Frozen Four, Matt Mugno and Eric Zank give us a preview of the game and what the Bobcats need to do in order to beat Michigan.

After the break, the boys hit the field to talk about baseball and softball. Savage and Maher give their thoughts on what pitcher for the softball team has exceeded expectations. Switching from softball to baseball, the boys talk about the baseball team’s offensive production and if it is masking over the fact that their defense and pitching have not been up to par.

After the final break, Griffin talks about the send-off and pep rally for the men’s ice hockey team, and of course, final roars are said.