Pennington, Moore, Treloar: What Quinnipiac’s three new players bring to the table

Matt Mugno

Incoming transfers Davis Pennington. Cooper Moore and Travis Treloar look to bring their talents to York Hill for the reigning 2023 National Champions. 

With a certain total of graduating players, and an uncertain amount of NHL signees, draftees and non—returning skaters, the need to replenish and bolster the roster is necessary.

Davis Pennington is a left-shot defenseman clocking in at 5’10. He played with the Muskegon Lumberjacks with “The Sherbrooke Boys,” Luke Krys at Providence, and Minnesota Gopher Rhett Pitlick. In 36 games played he recorded one goal and 15 assists. Pennington will skate for the Bobcats in the 2023-2024 season as a junior. His play style harkens to Jake Johnson. Mobile, makes a lot of the right plays, can activate, and become mobile. He has hands that can evade defenders up ice. The Bobcats get a mobile, choice-making, and mobile defenseman from Omaha. 

Cooper Moore is a Greenwich, Connecticut native from North Dakota. The 6’2 rear guard was part of the North Dakota NCHC Championship team in 2021. He was drafted 128th overall by the Detroit Red Wings in the 2019 draft. In juniors, he gained the nickname “The Cadillac of Chilliwack” and recorded three goals, 10 assists, and 13 points this season.

 Not much exists online in terms of a scouting report. Detroit took a swing at him in the draft, the limited material boasts a defenseman with a big frame that can chip in on offense. 

Travis Treloar was an Ohio State Buckeye. If you can’t beat em’ join em’. Out of the three skaters that transferred, Treloar has the most information accessible. The forward enters his senior year with a career stat line of 96 games, 23 goals, 32 assists, and 55 points. 

Future Considerations scouting report claims, “He can make defenders miss in the neutral zone with his speed and good puck-handing abilities(2019). The Bobcats benefitted from a speedy transition game once they possessed the puck.

 Treloar drew comparisons to former Bobcat William Fallstrom (2018-2020). A player that has scoresheet contributions playing a Swedish-Euro style of hockey, benefits and creates with dashing speed. He played in a competitive Big Ten conference that the Bobcats owned in the NCAA Tournament. It will be interesting to see how Treloar can adjust his game, potentially becoming a great mix of pure, raw speed the Bobcats did not have this season with adjustments that fit Pecknold’s 1-1-3 system. 

As the off-season commences for the title-winning program, these transfers may be crucial in the defense of a title.