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    QBSN Presents: Bobcat Breakdown 11/15/16

    Host Kyle Levasseur is joined by Andrew Badillo and Morey Hershgordon as the group discusses the men’s soccer team’s performance in the conference championship and rugby’s impending postseason play.  

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    QBSN Presents: Bobcat Breakdown 11/1/16

    Bryan Schwartz hosts this episode of Bobcat Breakdown and is joined by analysts Morey Hershgordon and Sierra Goodwill. The two discuss the performance of the women’s soccer team in the MAAC...

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    QBSN Presents: Bobcat Breakdown 9/20/16

    MJ Baird hosts this week’s edition of Bobcat Breakdown. Analysts Morey Hershgordon and Dylan Fearon join him at the desk and discuss the recent play of the field hockey and women’s...

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    QBSN Presents: Bobcat Breakdown 11/15/15

    Morey Hershgordon and Connor Fortier host this week’s episode of Bobcat Breakdown. They start off the show by discussing where they think the men’s hockey team will fall in the newest...

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    QBSN Presents: Bobcat Breakdown (4/21/15)

      Dylan Fearon hosts this week’s “Bobcat Breakdown.” First, he talks with baseball analyst Morey Hershgordon about the successes the team has had so far, as well as the impact John...

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    QBSN Presents: Bobcat Breakdown (4/14/15)

      Marty Joseph and Tom Albanese bring on Morey Hershgordon to discuss the newest developments in Rick Seeley’s departure from the Quinnipiac women’s ice hockey team. Victoria Rutigliano sits down with...

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    QBSN Presents: Bobcat Breakdown (3/17/15)

      Each of the four Quinnipiac winter sports teams are competing in their respective playoffs. Morey Hershgordon and Dylan Fearon analyze all of the highlights from the past week in Quinnipiac...

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    QBSN Presents: Bobcat Breakdown (11/10/14)

        It’s the debut of a new show style this week on “Bobcat Breakdown.” Morey Hershgordon and Dylan Fearon host the show. They have a back-and-forth debate discussing some interesting...

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    QBSN Presents: Bobcat Breakdown (10/6/14)

    Morey Hershgordon hosts this latest installment of “Bobcat Breakdown” along with panelists Matt Borker and Nick Palma. The crew discusses the men’s soccer team on how which player replaces Stevenson Hawkey,...

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    QBSN Presents: Bobcat Breakdown (9/1/14)

    “Bobcat Breakdown” is back with a new year of coverage of Quinnipiac athletics. Morey Hershgordon hosts and he is joined alongside analysts Dylan Fearon, Connor Fortier and Tom Albanese. The panelists...

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