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    QBSN Presents: Bobcat Breakdown (9/8/14)

    The Quinnipiac Bobcats Sports Network presents the newest edition of the “Bobcat Breakdown.” In this week’s edition, hear a heated debate between panelists Morey Hershgordon and Connor Voss regarding the women’s...

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    QBSN Presents: Bobcat Breakdown (9/1/14)

    “Bobcat Breakdown” is back with a new year of coverage of Quinnipiac athletics. Morey Hershgordon hosts and he is joined alongside analysts Dylan Fearon, Connor Fortier and Tom Albanese. The panelists...

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    QBSN Presents: Bobcat Breakdown (10/15/13)

    It was a historic week in Quinnipiac athletics and QBSN’s “Bobcat Breakdown” is back to talk about the highlights of the week.

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    QBSN Presents: Bobcat Breakdown (10/8/13)

    On this episode of Bobcat Breakdown, the crew discusses the volleyball team and the men’s soccer team. Taylor Massey takes a look at field hockey’s “Play4theCure.” Marty Joseph and Mark Spillane...

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    QBSN Presents: Bobcat Breakdown (10/1/13)

    The fifth episode of the semester hosted by Zack Daly, with analysts Nick Dench, Andrew Badillo, and Darnell Raglund. The four discuss the recent play of the men’s and women’s soccer...